Kursi Menyusui West Line Rocker

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  • Bahan Baku : Rangka Jati, Busa LG 25, Bludru
  • Finishing : Melamine
  • Ukuran : 75 cm x 95 cm x 100 cm

Product Description

French brand Le Kasha has been around since 1918—long enough to make it a part of its home country’s heritage, of which its luxury offerings are proof. Sourcing cashmere from the Arbus region of Inner Mongolia for Le Kasha cashmere sweaters and separates, the label’s light, long-lasting creations are designed with women of the world in mind—those individuals who love to travel and explore. (And who wouldn’t love to do both in such wearable-luxe pieces?) Finished with clean lines and neutral tones, Le Kasha dresses, tops, and skirts complete a sophisticated picture of relaxed and functional elegance, no matter where you are.

1 review for Kursi Menyusui West Line Rocker

  1. admin

    Nice pants if there is a discount I will buy more ……

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